Verifone Terminal Application Programming

We provide world-class custom Verifone application programming
solutions for the payment processing industry.

We develop custom Verifone applications for leading payment processing companies. We develop across the entire portfolio of Verifone terminals, including Verifone Trinity, Verifone Engage, Verifone Ux, and Verifone Vx terminal families.

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Let’s face it: EMV is complex. Fortunately, Objective Technologies cuts through the complexity with deep expertise and proven success. We are a leading developer of EMV-certified custom software applications on Verifone terminals. We understand the entire process of designing, building, certifying, deploying, and supporting EMV terminal applications end-to-end. The reason is simple: we’ve done it numerous times before. Contact us and we can show you how simple the process of certifying for EMV can be.


With well over 100 custom VeriFone terminal applications completed, we are one of the leading Verifone software developers in the world, and we have been since 2004. We have provided custom terminal applications for some of the largest merchant acquirers, along with leading retail and restaurant chains. With this type of background, we can provide your organization with a level of perspective and expertise that few in the industry can match.


We live in a world where security is paramount. You can’t afford to have your payment systems compromised. Fortunately, Objective Technologies can help. We have proven experience implementing Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) on the Verifone Engage and Verifone Vx terminal platform to ensure that payment card data is encrypted, secure, and out of reach from hackers. 


We are a world leader in developing custom terminal applications on Verifone hardware. We provide high quality low cost custom software and consulting services across the entire catalog of Verifone terminals. Our project success list is extremely impressive, and includes programming, consulting, support, and maintenance of a wide range of merchant-centric solutions.


• EMV and "chip and PIN" solutions

• Credit/debit applications

• Electronic Benefits Transfer systems

• Fleet Card applications

• Gift card programs

• Loyalty programs

• Electronic check processing

• Prepaid phone and cellular


We develop custom payment applications across the entire portfolio of Verifone terminals including:

• Trinity Family: Verifone T650c, Verifone T650p, Verifone T650m, Verifone Ux700

• Engage Family: Verifone V200c, Verifone V400c, Verifone P200, Verifone P400, Verifone V400m, Verifone M400, Verifone e285

Verifone Ux Family: Ux300, Ux301, Ux400, Ux401, Ux100

• Verifone Vx Family: Vx520, Vx680, Vx805, Vx820

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