Hand heldApplication Development

Objective Technologies, Inc. (OTI) is a leading custom software developer for point of sale systems including VeriFone, Hypercom, Ingenico, Micros, and POSitouch. We've built and supported terminal applications for some of the leading processors, and provide high quality, low cost programming services that are simply unmatched in the business. Software development services include:

  • Turnkey application development across VeriFone, Hypercom and Ingenico point of sale terminals. OTI's revolutionary rapid application development process can drastically reduce the time and costs associated with building a custom terminal application. And with OTI's proprietary application framework technology we can quickly and cost-effectively build your application across multiple terminal types using a consistent look and feel.
  • Project-based consulting. OTI has highly skilled developers who can complete project engagements significantly faster, with higher quality, and at lower costs than most organizations can do in-house. OTI's engagement list is extremely impressive, and encompasses a wide range of projects of all sizes, including porting applications to other terminal platforms, adding Ethernet/IP capabilities, and adding business logic enhancements.
  • Subscription-based programming. For organizations with ongoing programming needs, OTI can provide software development and support services on a subscription basis. OTI's subscription programming model is flexible and can start with as little as a fractional programming resource per month. As your needs grow, OTI can seamlessly grow with you, all the while providing unmatched quality at extremely competitive prices.


Payment Systems Consulting

OTI brings to the table a wealth of experience, perspective, and insight obtained by working with over 100 payment processing companies on business and technology related opportunities. Whether you're looking to tighten up your security, reduce terminal deployment and support costs, launch a new payment capability, or solve specific business or technical challenges, OTI can provide objective and intelligent guidance for your organization.


Transaction Processing Solutions

OTI understands transaction processing inside and out. We offer a suite of secure, trusted, and scalable processing solutions designed to grow your business, control costs, and ensure transaction security. OTI's processing-related solutions include:

  • OTI Connect: a secure, highly scalable, 24x7 modem gateway for handling dialup transactions. OTI Connect can handle dialup traffic from any type of point of sale terminal or ATM, and forward the traffic quickly and securely to your processing host over SSL. With OTI Connect, you can be up and running with a full modem gateway solution in days, without any modifications to your back-end systems or terminal applications. And OTI Connect costs significantly less than other competing dialup communication solutions.
  • Custom Processing: custom payment processing solutions interfacing with your back-end system including payment gateway development, batch processing interfaces, and custom transaction routing services.


Terminal Deployment Solutions

Let's face it, deploying and managing terminal equipment is not fun. Download Servers are expensive and difficult to maintain, and take the focus away from your core business: providing processing services to merchants. The solution is OTI TermBuilder. OTI TermBuilder is 24x7 hosted solution for managing and deploying your terminal applications. TermBuilder includes a web-based interface to add, edit, and delete terminal configurations on the fly. Terminals can be downloaded via IP or dialup using a toll-free download number. With OTI TermBuilder you can reduce infrastructure costs, reduce deployment headaches, and get back to doing what you do best: building your processing business.


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